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Your IT infrastructure could be hindering your business growth

January 25, 2021
Considering how technology has continued to evolve, it is essential to ensure your business is protected from foreign intruders. Instead of having to resort to data recovery to ensure business continuity plans, it can be more beneficial for your business to optimize your internal systems, making them accessible from places other than the office. In other words, transform your business, but do it as safely as possible.

Understanding what services are available is crucial

The best step in making positive changes to your business is understanding your business from the ground up. Put time and effort into knowing what helps your business run smoothly, so you can better assist employees in helping customers. Then find a company that offers specific services that can help you with this transition; it’s especially important to have full visibility of services for implementation purposes and understanding how your money will be used. For example, choosing a company with rates that continue to dramatically rise for delivery. Ideally, you should work with a company that will sit down with you to discuss how these new services can complement your business and how it will be implemented.


When selecting vendors and suppliers you want to ensure you not only have choices but that those choices will add value to your business at the right price. The core principle should always be is this the right decision for your business? Can I ask questions and receive answers that I understand? It’s important for the relationship with both vendors and suppliers are with your best interest in mind.


Solutions can come in a variety of forms.

A current trend in this technology space is the acquisition of more collaborative software, such as Microsoft Teams. The solutions necessary in helping your business achieve its goals typically need to align with your business’s goals and that may assist in taking the company’s platform outside of the office. Having cloud-based tools to complement the necessary office tools can help cut costs and expenses as well. Having the advantage of a cloud-based platform can also help get the client to a good ROI and bottom-line profit. Additionally, safety procedures, such as verifying all current admin logins and passwords, can help better protect your business as they use these services as well.


Working with third-party experts can be mutually beneficial.

There are good benefits to working with companies that can provide help to your technology plan, truly understanding your business model, and implement it on a daily basis. One benefit of securing outside support is the opportunity to talk to an expert in the field without the stress of putting them on the business’s payroll. Not only are costs cut dramatically, but it allows your business to get unbiased expert advice needed for success. It’s also important to look for a company that is passionate about improving your business by using newer technology and keeping your business up to demand in this technology-driven world. This can be done with a variety of industries seeking different levels of achievement. Talking to all employees within a business helps integrate these systems smoothly while allowing all employees to see how the company can be successful.


Need help?

If you need help choosing a technology or feel like something just isn’t working, we are here for you. We have your best interests in mind and are committed to helping you get to where you want to go. We really appreciate our partners; they specialize in pertinent areas of business that keep your business running efficiently and safe.


About the Authors:

Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC is an industry-agnostic business operations consulting firm working with companies to fix what isn’t working.


eTegrity allows your business to smoothly transition to technology platforms that allow access to business materials outside of the office and provides third-party IT oversight.