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Law Firms

We’ve worked with small and medium size law firms to resolve major issues that affect the bottom line such as document management and repository, time management, reporting, case management, call center logistics, and the intake process. Payroll processing, benefits vendors, and CRM implementation. Paper documents are not only cumbersome but also a fire hazard.

We work with professional services organizations: including law firms, accounting firms, corporate legal departments, and other specialized knowledge organizations, on a broad range of strategic, organizational, and operational issues.

Global professional services ecosystems are undergoing a fundamental transformation. Digitization is transforming the nature of work, while organizations face mounting pressure to raise productivity and performance, and competition is forcing innovation in client service and in the market for talent.

Our practice has a proven track record of impact helping clients navigate uncertain environments by taking a “through cycle” mindset, giving appropriate attention to near-term pressures while laying the groundwork and capabilities for long-term success.