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Why Everything is Not a Dollar

March 31, 2022

Over the last 20 years, a growing trend has hit American consumers and their shopping habits that I refer to as the “dollar store effect.” This concept has consumers looking to purchase the same goods at a steep discount. You may see the same mentality bleed over into running a business too. So, what is the difference between something that would normally cost $5 in a supermarket and is now just $1 somewhere else? Usually, it’s the value and quality. It may appear to be the same product, but there are many differences when you start researching.

My consulting agency goes through this every day with consumers because we compete against the large, well-known companies that give great presentations and charge a fortune but might not deliver optimal results. While on the other hand, some consultants don’t have enough experience, yet they believe they are great problem solvers. Consumers must do their due diligence to research and find what they need and want. If it’s quality over quantity, consider looking at smaller companies like Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting.

You wouldn’t make thanksgiving dinner for 10 in a microwave to try and save time and effort. Why would solving complex business problems be any different?

You may be surprised to know that actual operational practitioners can save you tens of millions of dollars, further emphasizing that the fee to hire a consultancy is nominal and well worth the spend. If you are a business leader looking to engage someone like us, you should understand that our consultants ensure quality, consistency, and accuracy connected to proven results within that fee. All this takes time. My company does not charge clients for the sake of earning a profit. We put a lot of time and effort into mapping out your processes correctly to help you get to the root of your problem. We like to say we provide more value than we receive in payment.

Finding the right fit for your organization, corporate culture, and project needs is crucial, and we encourage you to look at all your options before choosing. Remember paying dollar store prices can get you dollar store answers.