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Spring Cleaning Your Business 101

April 18, 2021
Spring has finally sprung! We have made it through the holiday season, Q2 has begun, yet you know there are still so many outstanding items that need your attention. There’s no better time than now to tackle your to-do list for your business. In this article, we will discuss the four pillars of your company that you should prioritize. It will allow for your business to operate more efficiently and help advance future performance.


Why focus on people? Because people are the heartbeat of any organization and arguably your most important asset. Their training, work ethic, and professionalism will determine the success or failure of your business. For this reason, there are many ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization.


First, review your training and development program. Developing and enhancing your teams’ skills, keeping up with the latest trends, and adjusting to any industry changes are important to them and you. Providing training and development for your employees, also known as upskilling, is a means to build onto core competencies. The more you invest in your employees, the closer your company will be to achieving its goals. In addition to training and development, your employees need to work together on problem-solving. Providing team-building exercises and training programs enables your employees to work collaboratively and effectively. Lastly, remote working can be very overwhelming. Remind your team about the importance of communication, regular check-ins, and an open-door environment to talk through what is on their mind. Clarity and transparency are essentials when working remotely.



What is a process? It is all the steps and tasks your people must take to deliver your product or service to the customer. If the process is cumbersome, it can be difficult to onboard more clients, maintain consistency, and it will create more room for human error to occur. It’s also important to understand the process, so you’re able to revise and simplify whenever need be, making it easier, more effective, and more efficient for your team and your customers. Process improvement is a continuous effort; it will have to be a living document, meaning you will have to revisit your process maps regularly and adjust as the business needs change.



Why is technology one of the four crucial areas? Technology is the connection between selling, scaling up, upgrading and onboarding new clients; technology plays a vital role in how prepared you are for business. You have the power to choose the best processes and technology to move your business forward. The right technology can not only bring organization but help you and your team to scale and grow your business with the ability to manage human error. Selecting technology solutions shouldn’t be based on popularity or instinct but rather on facts and business requirements.


Customer Experience (CX)

Do you know what it’s like to do business with your company? It can be hard to gauge from an internal perspective, so one of the best ways to figure out what your customers want is to ask them. Understanding what your customer experience is will help you be able to revise your strategies and build your reputation among customers. There are three main ways to receive feedback and help uncover how your customers feel about your business. The first, a CX survey, will identify what your customers expect from your company. Second is an online poll that usually consists of a few questions and targets specific questions about their experience. The final technique we suggest is sending an email to your customers asking for feedback about their experience. This method can provide targeted answers from the customers’ perspective. Once you have evaluated your customer experience, designing a strategy to fit their needs can be developed. It is then when the growth of your business can begin.


Tidying up these four areas is pertinent if you want to be successful and scale your business, and it’ll quickly prove to be time well spent. However, if you’re about to embark on a spring cleaning project and unsure where to start, you can set up a free consultation with Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting. We fix what’s not working!