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How successful leaders blend outsourced and internal teams with empathy

November 4, 2020

A key ingredient in achieving success

Business leaders everywhere are trying to make the best of remote working environments, which means finding new ways to communicate, support, and collaborate with employees virtually. People and technology have become increasingly intertwined during the pandemic, so employee engagement is incredibly important in creating a happy workplace and achieving goals.


Successful businesses know there is a balance between their people, processes, and technology. The resources they provide their team must set them up for success and enable them to do their jobs successfully. We know, now more than ever before it’s important to treat people like people and remember that your team is an important part of the makeup of your business. Successful leaders know the importance of investing in their team and leading with empathy.


It’s important to propel professional growth and personal development.

Remote work should be approached differently compared to how we work traditionally. People are becoming more and more open-minded and we are becoming more aware of the values that all humans can bring to the table. This means encouraging employees to stay motivated, allowing them to pursue their passions, and giving them space to talk about what matters most to them.


Setting our teams up for success will require clear direction and standardization. When we think about streamlining business processes it can be far more complex than just a few ideas on a whiteboard. It’s important to engage your team, ask the right questions, and implement technology that will not only help them be successful but also transform your customer’s experience.


This may sound like a simple undertaking but once you change one component, it’s like a domino effect, all aspects are affected. If we focus our efforts in one area but fail to address and include the others there will be an imbalance, which in turn will cause the area you solely focused on to fail. The people who pay the price of a failed or poorly planned change initiative in the long term are your remote teams. Blending into corporate culture is hard enough, having failed processes or ineffective technology is just an added layer on top of an already challenging situation.


What can leaders do to better manage uncertainty?

It all starts with setting your team’s up for success by giving them the tools and resources they require to be successful. Additionally, providing them with the support both professionally and personally thereby creating an environment that is still reflective of a great culture even in a remote environment. For example, there has to be a human aspect to your culture, you must have a human connection with one another, because we do business with those people who we trust and understand, we do our best work when we trust and understand the people we are working with.


Taking a deep dive into what’s going on inside your company and implementing a plan to address the root cause of the issues will create an environment for both internal and outsourced teams to be successful.


We do this so the people can be successful in doing their job and are setup for success and the ability to be successful in their role. If the company does not have the right technology, workflows, and training, you cannot be successful in a remote working capacity and will not be setup for success.


Human-centric companies still need the right technology.

It’s essential to look for culturally aligned organizations that have processes and systems in place. Employees will not reach their full potential and performance in an unsupportive or outdated environment. Part of treating employees humanely is giving them the best tools to succeed. When the right processes and systems are in place, motivated and well taken care of employees will perform well.


Future predictions suggest automation will have a massive impact as we continue to move forward and our reliance on human capital versus systems and technology will continue to evolve probably in an incomprehensible way. Company leaders and employees must embrace change in a positive manner and remain adaptable to be able to lean into the future.


Before commencing your change journey, consult with us, we are here to help you maximize your people, processes, and technology that adds value to your organization with your best interests and objectives in mind, helping you transform the customer experience and drive business growth.

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